allen joss Mazda - complain and question

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allen joss Mazda - complain and question

Postby almostfast » Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:26 pm

hi guys!

i'm new on this forum....
my wife is driving a mazda's got 68000k's on the clock, and is still under warranty....
It is currently at mazda, for the 3rd time due to stabilizer bushes packing up....for the past 3 services i complaint about the car loosing power ( it happens every now and again while driving ), every time they blamed the map sensor getting dirty....

Today the told me that the reason for the powerloss is that the clutch is on its way out...

How is it possible for a clutch to go at so low km?
the factory warranty does not cover clutches....12k for a new clutch.....

another complaint is the parts delivery....if they order parts from the mazda factory in waltloo ( under correction ) before 9 in the morning, they only get it between 15:00 and 16:00...they have to wait for the delivery to be made...
i've asked them if they cannot send a deliveryboy to go fetch the parts, the said that he also will take so long due to red tape of clearance etc...

Can anybody recommend a good Mazda maccie to which i can go for the clutch....not going to cough up 12k.....

thanx for your help and advise guys
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Re: allen joss Mazda - complain and question

Postby MrMazda » Wed Jan 08, 2014 6:49 pm

Buddy it's flippen far from you, but I would get it to IMG for a 2nd opinion. Chat to Ryno 011 383 5000.

With regard to the clutches they're Exede units that's supposed to be a top global brand that even build F1 clutches. However I'm on my 4th clutch in 120 000 km. I'm baffled since my previous 2006 6 has covered more than 300 000 km on the original clutch & gearbox. The part system show the same part numbers for both 2006 2.0 & 2010 2.0L. So F knows!
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