Mazda RX9 - no longer just a concept..

Found an interesting article worth commenting on post the link here.
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Re: Mazda RX9 - no longer just a concept..

Postby chris323 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:49 am

Same here.
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Re: Mazda RX9 - no longer just a concept..

Postby Mazda4life » Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:57 am

The new Engine patent that's a RWD and now this must indicate they are working on something like a RX9.

Mazda developing swan wing doors for RX-9
August 28, 2017
story photos

New patent suggests low-slung coupe to get Aston Martin-inspired doors to avoid clashes with kerbs

Mazda has submitted blueprints to the US Patent & Trademark Office that proves it is developing swan-wing-style doors.

Set to be used on the production version of the RX-9 coupe, the new images suggest the doors will open conventionally but the further they open the door’s novel hinge design see them lift the door away from clashing with high kerbs.

Aston Martin already has such a device fitted to all its models that allows the doors to open upwards of an angle of 12 degrees.

According to the patent, Mazda’s design goes far further and its able to pivot the doors to 15 degrees.

The evidence of such a device is thought to prove Mazda plans to stay true to its RX Vision concepts that’s rumoured to spin-off the production RX-9.

Since the RX Vision concept broke cover in late 2015, Mazda has patented a new rotor-powered sports car design, has outlined its new rotary-powertrain, dubbed SKYACTIV-R, and reports from Japan suggest the RX-9 sports car has been green-lit by Mazda’s board of directors.

Expected to come with around 300kW and weigh less than 1300kg, the RX-9 is set to rival the forthcoming Toyota Supra.
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Re: Mazda RX9 - no longer just a concept..

Postby Tinus » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:01 am

:worthy: :worthy:
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